Fertil is the first factory in Serbia to produce mineral NPK fertilisers using compaction technology – flexible technology that does not involve chemical processes and does not pollute the environment. A compact granule contains all the macro and micro elements needed for plants to grow properly and to achieve higher yields in arable production and fruit and vegetable production. Besides production, the factory also packages and distributes nitrogen fertilisers Urea, KAN, AN and SAN, as well as fertilisers with high phosphorus content and sufficient quantities of nitrogen - MAP and DAP.

In 2011, Fertil introduced a new line of products under the name of Natura which is fully in tune with the modern global trends in plant nutrition. Natura fertilisers, available in four different formulations, contain balanced nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur macro elements.

With a production capacity of 100,000 tons of fertiliser per year and nearly EUR 13 million worth of exports to the markets of Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the total revenue of Fertil in 2012 came to almost EUR 90 million.

Production of NPK fertilisers (t):