The Fertil line of Natura mineral fertilisers was created in 2011 as a result of the application of state-of-the-art scientific and technological knowledge and European standards in fertiliser production. Due to the harmonisation of the domestic legislation with EU regulations, all Natura line products are produced and declared in line with EU Regulation (EC) No. 2003/2003 for inorganic fertilisers (EC FERTILISER) and the Law on Plant Nutrition Products and Soil Enhancers of the Republic of Serbia, and as such they fulfil all the conditions for sale on the domestic market and the market of the European Union.

Each and every granule in Natura fertilisers has the same nutritional content and ratio. Granules have the same bulk density and uniform distribution of nutrients during application. The irregular form of a granule (broken granule) is the result of the selection of environmentally acceptable technology for the production of mineral fertilisers – compaction technology – which Fertil, being a socially responsible company, opted for when first establishing the factory.

Basic ingredients of Natura fertilisers:

- Nitrogen in the form of ammonia which is not subject to significant losses during the application:

Reduced nitrogen content in the formulations of the Natura line is derived from the fact that Natura is a basic fertiliser intended for autumn application for primary soil tillage, or as early as feasible in the spring, when nitrogen is not required in large quantities and it is more important to apply phosphorus and potassium in preparation for the crop and place the nutrients as deep as possible in the soil.

- Phosphorus, as P2O5, declared as total phosphorus:

Natura contains two different form of phosphorus. The first phosphorus is soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and water, which is instantly available to plants like an infusion, so they use it for their initial growth. The second form is phosphorus soluble only in mineral acids, which over time, under the activity of processes that occur in the soil, changes its form and converts into an available form. This delayed-action phosphorus is gradually released during vegetation, providing crops with optimal phosphorus intake.

- Potassium, declared as K20, soluble in water

- Sulphur, declared as SO3, soluble in water

All Natura mineral fertilisers are enriched with a certain quantity of sulphur (SO3). This nutritional element is necessary in the process of building amino acids (thus influencing an increase in the total protein content), antifungal proteins (necessary for defence of plants against harmful microorganisms), gluten in wheat (protein that influences the improvement of baking properties) and for increasing plant resistance to stressful conditions of the external environment. In addition to maintaining the required level of sulphur in the soil for growing plants that take up significant quantities of it during their growth, it also increases the level of available phosphorus. By declaring SO3, Natura is not designated as chlorine-free fertiliser.