Fertil fertilisers, thanks to their properties and numerous formulations, enable both high fertilisation and economic effects (savings) to be achieved during the fertilisation of the widest range of different plant species grown in soils with different levels of availability of the most important biogenic (NPK) macro elements. In accordance with the purpose and time of application, they contain readily available, ionic forms of macro elements, which are immediately taken up by the plant’s root system once dissolved and are not rinsed out from the soil easily.

Fertil NPK fertilisers are a mixture of solid components combined by means of a special compaction method into homogeneous crushed granules that contain the declared active nutrients, depending on the formulation that is produced and that the plant requires for its growth and for higher yields. Fertilisers produced by compaction are not prone to caking or agglutination, since during the production process they are protected by means of greasing with special fatty amine-based biodegradable agents. This property makes them long-lasting compared to other fertilisers. Fertil fertilisers do not have a segregation problem, and the declared active substances are present in each and every granule.

Registered formulations:

In addition to the above registered fertiliser formulations, the Fertil factory is able to produce special formulation at customer request. All products are packed in 25 kg PE bags and in 1000 kg Big Bag packaging. The finished products are palletised and covered with stretched PE foil so they are protected from atmospheric influences.