Soil analysis is the soil equivalent of a blood count, and for this reason it is necessary to carry out a thorough analysis and establish the conditions of soil acidity (pH), calcium carbonate content, available potassium and phosphorus, as well as total nitrogen and humus before the start of any kind of crop production. The correct choice of NPK fertiliser formulation depends on the level of availability of nutrients in the soil and the specific needs of the crops that are grown in it. The difference that needs to be added in the form of mineral or organic fertilisers is calculated based on which nutrients are available in the soil.


Correct as well as rational use of nutrients enables farmers to achieve:

  • Adequate plant nutrition and soil care
  • Stable production and higher yields
  • Better product quality
  • Preservation of both the environment and human health
  • Monetary savings (since there is no improper or unnecessary use of fertiliser)

Taking soil samples correctly plays an important role in the soil analysis, which is a precondition for choosing an adequate fertiliser, in order to obtain an authoritative result on the overall condition of the soil. The Agro Business Unit of the Victoria Group is at your disposal for soil sampling and analysis. It uses the latest technologies and methods in its operations, whereby providing the highest quality expert and advisory assistance to farmers.